1/5: Most important things to know about divorce – don’t compare

1/5: Most important things to know about divorce – don’t compare

No.1 – Rather Than Go Compare, I Say Don’t Compare…

There are things that might play on your mind if you’re thinking about divorce or you are going through a divorce. Now, they’re not things that are technically important to divorce solicitors, so it might not be addressed, but they’re nevertheless things that might play on your mind and therefore I think it’s something that’s worth talking about.

This is the first tip in a series of five and it’s entitled “Rather Than Go Compare, I Say Don’t Compare.” We’re all different and getting a divorce is no different. Different circumstances, different amounts of money available. There may be children in one scenario, none in another, or perhaps you have children of different ages and have different needs.

Even if you have two couples with identical circumstances, ie. they have the same ages, they have the same similar age 2.1 children, they’re married for the same amount of time and have the same amount of money – they may have different needs and wants.

In couple A, one party may feel it’s important to stay in the house come what may and he’s prepared to compromise in other areas. In couple B, one party may feel that they can’t live in the house a moment longer, but want to ensure that their future is taken care of by way of perhaps maintenance or pension sharing. Two couples, same scenario, different needs, different outcomes. What I’m trying to say here is don’t compare apples and pears.

Whilst we’re on the topic of other people and their divorces, please don’t take legal advice from other people. Be that cousin Steve or your best friend, Liz. By all means, seek their advice, just not on the legal issues. You come away from the conversation with set ideas in your head that are not achievable or plainly wrong. Wrong advice is worse than no advice. Make sure you take your advice from someone who is legally qualified. We at F. Arthur Jones offer free half hour consultations and you’re welcome to email us or give us a call.

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