Worried about your children?

It is important to choose the right

solicitor to represent you in disputes 

about the arrangement for your


Our family law expert, Cheryl Hennesey, is known not only for her 

empathy but also for her proactive skills which ensure children’s 

needs are always placed first and staunchly defended.


We can help you with all sorts of issues including:

  • Contact -telephone/skype/vidoe calls, visits, night stop-overs, weekends or holidays with the absent parent.
  •  Residence – where a child should live. This can be with one or both parents and stipulation can be made 
    how long the children should spend with each person.
  •  Prohibited Steps Order – when one parent objects to something that the other parent is doing concerning 
    their child. That parent can apply to the court for the other person to stop doing it.
  •  Specific Issue Order proceedings – if parents are unable to agree on a specific aspect of their child’s 
    upbringing, eg schooling and holidays.
  •  Parental Responsibility

What factors do courts consider?

The court’s decision relating to the upbringing of a child is based upon the welfare checklist which is contained within Section 1 of the Children Act 1989. This requires the consideration of:

• the ascertainable wishes and feelings of the child concerned 
(considered in light of their age and understanding);
• their physical, emotional and/or educational needs;
• the likely effect on them of any change in their circumstances;
• their age, sex, background and any characteristics of theirs which the court considers relevant;
• any harm which they have suffered or are at risk of suffering;
• how capable each of their parents (and any other person the court considers the question to be relevant) 
is of meeting their needs; and
• the range of powers available to the court in the proceedings.

The child’s welfare is the court’s paramount consideration for all proceedings under the Children Act 1989 
when it considers a question of the child’s upbringing.

We offer a free initial telephone consultation and free initial 


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Cheryl Hennessey LLB Hons

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Cheryl Hennesey has over 15 year’s experience in all sorts of family legal issues. Cheryl will make a detailed assesment of your situation and a plan to sort it out.

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We offer a free initial telephone consultation and free initial interviews.

Example Cases

Children, Property & £8.5m Business

Ownership of several family businesses worth £8.5m, a trust set up for the parties’ children, transfer at an undervalue and client’s parents and brother owning a share in the house necessitating being joined as interveners. Issues about the children also arose. 

Second Wife & Overseas Assets

Opponent who had taken a second wife, property and other assets that were being hidden in the Middle East and other issues of non-disclosure.

Successful Mediation - No Court

Successfully negotiated settlement following round table meeting with parties. Complex issues including third party ownership of house, children from previous marriage, school fees and future bonus payments. 


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