Family law and divorce

Fixed fee divorce for Petitioner- the person who starts the divorce proceedings

Our service£399.00
Total charge for
our services
Court fees£550.00

What’s included?

We will conduct your divorce from beginning to conclusion. This includes:

  • Drafting and lodging all court documents on your behalf
  • Preparing all correspondence with the court, your spouse or civil partner or their solicitors.  All correspondence is limited to the practicalities of processing the divorce petition to conclusion

What’s not included?

  • Advice about financial matters arising from your case
  • Advice about children matters arising from your case
  • Obtaining marriage certificate.  We can obtain this for you but there will be a separate charge and fee
  • Service of documents other than by first class post.  If service of the documents by way of process server, bailiff, substituted or deemed service is required, then there will be additional costs
  • Defended divorce.  This service is not suitable if your divorce is defended but details of the additional work can be provided

Should a financial agreement be required to end financial ties resulting from the marriage, details of costs can be provided.

Fixed fee divorce for Respondent – the person who responds to the divorce proceedings

Our service£200.00
Total charge for
our services

Valid as at 6th December 2018

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