Often health care professionals are the first to suggest the need for an LPA.  Used in cases where someone is, or may be, becoming frail or in some way vulnerable.

The Attorney can act in the interest of that person when they no longer wish to be in charge of their own affairs or, are unable to do so.  We have prepared hundreds of LPA documents since they were introduced in 2007.  When signed and completed the documents have to be registered at the Office of the Public Guardian.

The steps to be taken need to be carefully followed and usually take between two and three months.


The application to the Office of the Public Guardian for the appointment of someone to deal with the affairs of an individual who is – for whatever reason – no longer able to deal with all or any matter which relates to that person.  We have experience of such work and Mr Wade currently acts as Deputy for one Client.

Family law and divorce is a particularly sensitive area. It is in everybody’s best interest to reach an acceptable settlement as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We strive to achieve the best settlements through negotiation, whilst protecting our client’s interests at every stage. However when litigation is unavoidable, we are acknowledged to be highly effective court advocates.


Our experienced staff handle all aspects of Probate whether there be a Will or Intestacy. We gather details of all assets and liabilities, complete the requisite HMRC forms and attend the Executor/Administrator on swearing the Oath. Our dedicated and friendly staff are wholly concerned with Probate matters.

Keeping Clients and beneficiaries informed and making interim payment as soon as possible during the course of the Probate ensures that everyone is kept in the picture.


Our fees are £250 plus VAT with an £82 registration fee per individual application.


To celebrate the addition of our new Family Department, we are currently offering Fixed Fee Divorces* from £399 plus vat and court fees (currently £550) for a limited period only.

*Work not covered in the fixed fee divorce package:

If the Petition becomes defended or needs to be altered once it has been issued by the Court

Cost of obtaining a replacement marriage certificate if you do not have the original

Service of the divorce petition on the Respondent by a process server/court bailiff if necessary

Financial issues

Advice on children issues

We also offer Fixed Fees for other matters.  Please contact us at family@ajoneslaw.co.uk or call 01395265668 for a no obligation chat.

Please email us at office@ajoneslaw.co.uk or telephone us on 01395 265668 to book an appointment for more details.

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