lasting power of attorney

We are experienced in dealing with the affairs of the elderly and are concerned and sympathetic to their needs. We can help those who may be having difficulty in looking after their own finances or health and welfare by preparing and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney.

We can also help others protect themselves and their families by planning for the future to appoint family members or people they trust as Attorneys to step into their place and deal with their finances in the event of an accident, sudden ill-health or trip away.


The steps to be taken need to be carefully followed and usually take between two and three months.


This is an application to the Office of the Public Guardian for the appointment of someone (known as a Deputy) to deal with the affairs of an individual who is – for whatever reason – no longer able to deal with all or any matter which relates to that person.

We have experience of appointing family members as Deputies and Anthony Wade can also take on the role of Deputy.


Our fees are £300 plus VAT per individual Lasting Power of Attorney application. We offer a reduced fee of £500 plus VAT for both types of Lasting Power of Attorney (Property & Finances and Health & Welfare) and a fee of £750 plus VAT for both types of Lasting Power of Attorney for a couple. There is also a registration fee of £82 per document charged by the Office of the Public Guardian.