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Making and maintaining a Will is a sensible and indeed vital way to secure your family’s future. Specialist advice is essential and we can advise you according to your individual needs to make you aware of any opportunities to save tax through trusts or other means.


By asking you for the ‘cast list’ – ie, the full names, dates of birth and addresses of all those to be mentioned in a Will together with some simple indication of who is to get what helps to streamline the process. Most Wills are straightforward and Wills made between husband and wife with benefits for children. However, we also deal with inheritance tax issues and the creation of trusts, where appropriate.


Our fees range from between £80 and £250 plus VAT and we can normally produce a bespoke Will within seven working days. We do require to see the person making the Will and can arrange home visits provided the Client resides within the East Devon area.

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Our experienced staff handle all aspects of Probate whether there be a Will or an Intestacy. We gather details of all assets and liabilities, complete the requisite IHT forms and attend the Executor/Administrator on swearing the Oath. Our  dedicated and friendly staff are wholly concerned with Probate matters.

Keeping clients and beneficiaries informed and making interim distributions as soon as possible during the course of Probate ensures that everyone is kept in the picture.


Our fees can either be calculated on the time involved where the hourly rate charge for Solicitor is £200 per hour plus VAT or a percentage charge based upon the value of the gross Estate.

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Fees for Making a Will

The cost of making a will is between £100 – £400 plus vat depending on the complexity of the will.  This fee is dependent upon the amount of work involved, the more complex a will, the more work will be involved.  It is based upon the hourly rate of the person preparing the will. 

Our wills are prepared by Anthony Wade whose hourly rate is £200 plus vat per hour.  He has been qualified as a solicitor for over 50 years. 

Apart from our fee, there are no disbursements payable.

Our fees include the making of a will from start to finish.  This consists of:

  • taking initial instructions
  • drafting the will
  • submitting will for approval
  • amendments to will as necessary
  • attendance upon client to witness the signature of the will
  • providing up to 2 copies of the will
  • storage of the will

The timescale is likely to be between 2 – 6 weeks (depending on availability and the amount of amendments required).

Fees for Probate

The cost of dealing with the probate of an estate is between 1 – 1.5% of the value of the estate according to the complexity of the matter.  Our fees usually range from £450 plus vat – £10,000 plus vat.  It is based upon the hourly rate of the person dealing with the probate.

Our probate matters are dealt with by Anthony Wade whose hourly rate is £200 plus vat per hour.  He has been qualified as a solicitor for over 50 years.  He is assisted by Mrs Jo Roscoe who has over 30 years experience of probate matters.  Her charge our rate is £150 plus vat per hour. 

There are disbursement payable which include the following:

Probate fee currently £157
Swear fee £7 – £12 per executor
Our fees include dealing with the probate of an estate from start to finish.  This consists of:

  • Interview with the executor(s)/administrator(s)
  • Collection of all documents and evidence of assets
  • Writing to asset holders
  • Communication with client throughout
  • Preparation of Inland Revenue forms to account for the value of the estate
  • Calculation of Inheritance Tax liabilities
  • Agreeing Inheritance Tax liabilities with client
  • Dealing with payment of Inheritance Tax liability
  • Preparing application for Grant of Probate
  • Attending upon Administrator
  • Swearing of documentation
  • Lodging documentation at the Probate Registry
  • Receiving Grant of Probate
  • Obtaining payments of assets
  • Dividing payments according to the Will
  • Preparation of Distribution Account
  • Obtaining approval from executor(s)/administrator(s) of account
  • Distributing Estate Account according to the terms of the Will

The timescale of dealing with the probate of an estate is dependent upon timely responses to enquiries raised.  Our policy is to ensure, as far as possible, that we achieve a distribution of assets swiftly.  The average period of this is between 3 months – a year. 

Valid as at 6th December 2018

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