Making and maintaining a Will is a sensible and indeed vital way to secure your family’s future. Specialist advice is essential and we can advise you according to your individual needs to make you aware of any other matters to take into consideration such as inheritance tax, asset protection, trusts, guardianship, capacity to make a Will and potential claims against your estate.

By asking you for the ‘cast list’ – i.e. the full names, dates of birth and addresses of all those to be mentioned in a Will together with a simple indication of who is to get what in your will helps to streamline the process. Most Wills are straightforward and Wills made between husband and wife for the benefit of children. However, we also deal with inheritance tax issues and the creation of trusts, where appropriate.

Timescales – how long does it take to prepare a will?

The timescale is likely to be between 2 – 6 weeks (depending on availability and the amount of amendments required).


The cost of making a will is between £200 – £450 plus VAT depending on the complexity of the Will.  This fee is dependent upon the amount of work involved, the more complex a Will, the more work will be involved.  It is based upon the hourly rate of the person preparing the Will. We do require to see the person making the Will and can arrange home visits provided the client resides within the East Devon area.

Our wills are prepared by Anthony Wade and Rosy Holyer whose hourly rates are £200 plus VAT per hour.  Anthony Wade has been qualified as a solicitor for over 50 years and Rosy Holyer has been qualified as a solicitor for over 12 years. 
Our fees include the making of a will from start to finish.

This consists of:

  • Taking initial instructions
  • Drafting the will
  • Submitting will for approval
  • Minor amendments to will as necessary
  • Attendance upon client to witness the signature of the will
  • Providing up to 2 copies of the will
  • Storage of the will

Valid as at 9th December 2019