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Wills – What happens when you instruct a Solicitor to make your Will?

Anthony Wade talks us through the process for making a Will at F Arthur Jones & Co Solicitors:

‘I’m a solicitor. I make wills. If people phone me and say, “I want to make a will.” I say, “Well, come and see me, we’ll make a mutually convenient appointment for you to come to this office.” And if you would bring with you the cast list, a note made on the back of an envelope, if necessary, names and addresses of all those to benefit under the terms of your will. And who is to be your executor. If those are written down, then it gives me a useful start, and also something we can refer to in the conversation.

You tell me all your wishes, I make a draft will, I send this to you. If you’re happy with it, we can then go to the engrossment. But if there are amendments which you need, we’ll happily put those into the draft and get the document to a state where it is perfect. When you say that you’re happy with it, we type up the engrossment, which is this document, this is just an example of a will, bespoke will, we don’t use a will form or anything of that nature, it is actually specifically for you. The will sets out who are to be the executors, and in this case the whole of the estate is left to the widow. Unfortunately, she is to inherit the whole lot. Then if she is predeceased, the children become the executors, and then we make bequests of, say, the motor car, the time show, the dog, whatever, all those set out in the will.

Then we have pecuniary legacies, moneys to go to anybody and everybody. We can send it to charity or not. But the residue is the important thing. Who’s going to have what’s left at the end of the day? It goes to one person or a number of people. Or it can go to a club or a charity, whichever, you tell me what. We will draft that will to your satisfaction. At the end, we can put in provisions for burial or cremation. We can even put in the particular hymns or psalms that you would like said or sung at your funeral. All that detail we can incorporate in a will. When the will is ready, you can come to these offices and sign the same in the presence of two witness’

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